Shelley Rees

Shelley Rees

Associate Professor of English, Coordinator of Language and Literature
405-574-1244 |
Room 222c | Davis Hall


Dr. Rees's research interests include 19th-century British literature, popular culture and media studies, grammar and composition, gender studies, speculative fiction, skepticism and humanism. She serves as Area Chair of General Literature for the SW/TX Popular Culture Association Conference. On campus, Dr. Rees is faculty sponsor for the USAO Secular Student Alliance, The Guild, the Gamer Club, and the SF/Fantasy Club. Her most recent publications are "Frontier Values Meet Big-City Zombies: The Old West in A&E's The Walking Dead," in Undead in the West: Vampires, Zombies, Mummies, and Ghosts on the Cinematic Frontier; and Reading Mystery Science Theater 3000: Critical Approaches, from Scarecrow Press.


Ph.D, University of North Texas, 19th Century British Literature, May 2002

Favorite Quotes

"And I could wish my days to be / Bound each to each by natural piety." William Wordsworth